Civics 101

The national election is only a few weeks away .We urge everyone to do your civic duty by casting your vote for President. We are constantly bombard with images from the media reminding us to vote however their message is incorrect , not with urging you to vote, but in stating our form of Government is a Democracy . We are a Constitutional Republic .

Fox News Promo TV screen shot

Starting with a Fox News Promo and then we have these examples : (The caption under the photo describes the photo on top of it )

Public Service Announcement
Local Newspaper Pollical Cartoon
Our very own State Government
Cable TV channel / Our tax dollars spent by the Ad Council

Vote to stop the end of the world as we know it ! Just in case you were not scared enough already in 2020 .

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Section 4 of the Flag Code states:

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”, should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.”

US History dot Org

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Ben Franklin

 There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Its essential meaning: The danger of Democracy is that there are no governmental limitations in a democracy, which is why our Founding Fathers did not establish the U.S. as a democracy. Instead America was founded as a Republic, which has governmental limitations and is ruled by law. 

We at the John Birch Society urge all Americans interested in restoring the Constitution can take effective action through membership in The John Birch Society.

How the Teachers Unions became what they are today: School of Darkness: by Bella Dodd, B. McCahill (Editor)

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  • Bella Dodd was born Maria Asunta Isabella Visono in Italy about 1904. A brilliant and dedicated woman, she graduated from Hunter College and NYU Law School. She became head of the New York State Teachers Union and was a member of the Communist Party’s (CPUSA’s) National Council until 1949.”School of Darkness” is her autobiography, detailing her life’s work with the Communist Party, her disillusionment, her testimony before the Tydings Committee, and her return to the Catholic faith with the assistance of Monsignor Fulton J. Sheen (You can find the book online for free).
  • Here’s the link to the free online book: Of Darkness Bella Dodd : Bella Dodd : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


We have been told to wear a mask when not able to remain 6 feet apart from a person but how do you explain this ?

Screen shot taken on 8/24/2020 6:32am

I am not faulting Mr. Kaminski ‘s personal choice for wearing a mask. I am sure he was interacting with the flight crew and other people however in context of how he appears on TV the mask is out of place.

The amount of propaganda and hysteria regarding the use of face masks continues to be intensified day by day. There are countless headlines across the nation of mandates being put into place by governments and business owners all in the name of public safety.

The propaganda has even gotten so bad that anti-mask wearers have now become the public enemy. According to an online article at, a councilwoman in Nashville suggested that people who refuse to mask up in public should be charged with murder. Simple, mundane weekly chores, like grocery shopping have now turned into a nightmare scenario of having to wear a mask in order to play the theatrical part that the overall community of do-gooders wants you to do.  

While we do care about the safety of others, what seems to get lost is the concept of individual responsibility and the role of government. COVID-19 is not the only sickness out there that is killing those who have compromised immune systems. In our latest News Analysis video, JBS CEO Bill Hahn discusses the Judeo-Christian concept of responsibility towards one’s self, one’s family, and one’s Creator suggesting that we are to be judged according to our own actions. Bill states, “A series of commandments is used to indicate the impossibility of keeping the law without a Savior.”

Unfortunately, many are looking to the government as a savior during this “pandemic” but the government’s role as such is not justified in any way, shape, or form. Without government limitations, the wants, needs, and rights of an individual do not matter. We know that our founders provided limitations to government based on their study of freedom throughout history because they understood that government as a force needed to be controlled. 

America’s founders split the powers from the states to the federal government into three branches, ensuring checks and balances but since the founding, the federal government has assumed powers that it does not have. However, the founders also recognized that WE THE PEOPLE hold the majority of the power and that the government was not needed to make our decisions. It is important to remember this as we continue with this mask mandate battle.

Whether or not you wear a mask is a decision that is to be made by YOU, or perhaps with your doctor. We need to be careful as we are witnessing a slippery slope of government power taking over the individual. While today it is only a mask to wear, tomorrow it could very well be a mandatory vaccination which is already being conditioned to accept for the good of the society. 

Americans need to be reminded of the limitations that government has, as well as their responsibility in ensuring government stays within their constitutional role.  We highly recommend sharing and distributing our classic video, Overview of America, which does a great job in defining both of these concepts. Also we urge you to check out our Covid-19 page at to further see this governmental tyranny.

Please order your copy of Dissenting From the Panic Attack which explains and discusses a growing body of scientists and medical professionals who are beginning to dissent from the mainstream fear mongering over the coronavirus.

Editor’s note :Paragraph two to the end originally appeared as The Fight For Your Liberty: Face Masks on August 6 ,2020 in an official JBS email.


Ronald Regan said in his memoir “that granting Amnesty( 1986)  was his biggest regret” He may have felt that way personally but he ended up doing what the Globalist insiders wanted him to do. It was supposed to be a “one time ” event with assurances for tough border security which as we know today were never implemented.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, signed into law by Reagan on Nov. 6 of that year, provided amnesty to nearly 3 million undocumented (illegal ) immigrants who proved that they had been in the United States prior to Jan. 1, 1982. ( If they are undocumented how can the prove the date they arrived ?)  The law’s sanctions against employers who hired undocumented immigrants were never vigorously enforced and, when they were, received a strong backlash from business interests such as the Chamber of Commerce.

We had a glimmer of real reform with the 2005 HR4437 (109 Congress) know as the Border Protection, AntiTerrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 but it was thwarted by a well organized coalition of illegal aliens marching on Washington D.C.  in conjunction with the usual suspects of pro amnesty groups such as La Raza ( now know as UnidosUS ) pressuring lawmakers in a classic execution of the communist pincer attack .  If anyone in Congress now had any balls they would resurrect this bill in its entirety and pass it. It is the model of reform that would have real teeth to address the illegal immigration problem that has swelled to 10x times the 1986 numbers. That is not even counting the spiraling alphabet soup of visas and the abuse of refugee program that the United Nations inflicts on our 50 states.

Unfortunately  we will not learn from out past mistakes because the results we wanted when we elected President Trump are going to lost because we sent him in unarmed with no Constitutionalist Congressman to help him. We had all three branches of government for 2 years and no one helped him implement our mandate of stopping illegal immigration.Even worse we saw three key people on true immigration reform recently  get cast out- Jeff Sessions R-TN, Louie Gohmort R-TX  and Steven King R-IA are all gone.  President Trump has now taken up the Go along to get along approach on a troubling program know as DACA.  AS of Friday 7/10/2020 Headline: President Trump Says Upcoming Immigration Measure Will Include DACA.

The DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival ) program created in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama to protect from deportation undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children expired March 5, 2018. (From the U.S.Immigration and Citizenship Services website)

USCIS is not accepting requests from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA. Due to federal court orders on Jan. 9, 2018 and Feb. 13, 2018, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA.

President Trump is the first to try to challenge in things in court but these attempts have been snookered by pre-calculated road blocks put in his way. The lawsuit to cancel the Obama-era program was decided by the Supreme Court last month which said it could stay in place.

This in its self is an odd conclusion since the program was only formally initiated by a policy memorandum sent from Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to the heads of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). You would think that an executive order to end the program would be automatically higher on the ranking than a mere memorandum. Also the real root of the constitutionally was never addressed in the decision from the Supreme Court.

One would like to see someone in Congress seek impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts since in Article 3 section 1 it states “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour “.

It does not say they are appointed for life and clearly Justice Roberts decision is another example of his bad behaviuor of reasoning in his adjudications.

So rather than try again to challenge the decision, which would be the correct course of action to get this program to end, the presidential puppeteers step in allowing  about 700,000 young immigrants( and many not so young )  known by their created warm and fuzzy name of  Dreamers to be free from deportation forever.

To be sure no one would hear about this intervention an interview was done with Noticias Telemundo on Spanish TV. President Trump said he plans to unveil sometime in the next month an immigration measure that he said would include some protections for DACA – that provides for work permits and other protections for people brought to the U.S. as children by undocumented parents.

In his usual marbles in the mouth statements, President Trump made a series of seemingly conflicting comments about his next steps. He said he would be “taking care” of DACA and said the program would be “just fine.” He said he would be signing a “big immigration bill,” which he also called a “big executive order,” and said, “I’m going to make DACA a part of it.” “We’re working out the legal complexities right now, but I’m going to be signing a very major immigration bill as an executive order, which the Supreme Court now, because of the DACA decision, has given me the power to do that,” Trump said.Adding to the confusion, Trump said about DACA: “We put it in, and we’ll probably going to then be taking it out” This phrase he repeated twice in the interview.

This is the typical theater to show that the directed  predetermined outcome of FULL AMNESTY given to him to accept is not really predetermined. However he tipped his hand when pressed on whether the provision would give DREAMers protected by the program legal status in the United States.

President Trump said: “They’re going to be part of a much bigger bill on immigration. It’s going to be a very big bill, a very good bill, and merit-based bill and it will include DACA, and I think people are going to be very happy.” He also said that it would “give them a road to citizenship.” <<<<<read as Amnesty.

Then later more double speak from White House spokesman Judd Deere.

He provided the following statement: “As the president announced today, he is working on an executive order to establish a merit-based immigration system to further protect U.S. workers. Furthermore, the president has long said he is willing to work with Congress on a negotiated legislative solution to DACA, one that could include citizenship, along with strong border security and permanent merit-based reforms. This does not include amnesty.”

You can not have it both ways-  granting citizenship to someone that does not have it due to their illegal alien status is amnesty so it will be only one way.

President Trump, like Ronald Regan,  is counting on his popularity to be  forgiven for furthering the demise of our sovereignty to control our borders and not following the Constitution.

As Bircher’s we can’t and you shouldn’t either.

Chris Wales

Quotes sources NPR, NY Times


The Racial Divide

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Attributed to George Orwell

If racism in the United States was truly the problem, millions of persons would not be seeking to enter the U.S. We have virtually no one leaving the U.S. for ‘greener pastures’. Basically, the flow is only one way – from foreign countries immigrants come to our shores – not the other way around.

Other countries sometimes have a caste system, which prohibits persons not of the superior caste from becoming upwardly mobile, since education and employment are inaccessible to the masses. That’s not the case here.

As I write, Mississippi has just voted to remove the Confederate symbol from its state flag. It had been the last state in the nation to retain this symbol on its state flag. I’m not enamored with the South. My grandparents came from Europe, and settled in New York City. Thus, I have no Southern roots. However, I believe the Confederate flag, along with the redesigning of Uncle Ben’s rice and Aunt Jemima’s syrup, are trivial issues for us to focus our attention on. The hit movie ‘Gone With the Wind’ is being banned from the classic movie channel. The movie is a work of fiction, and should be considered as such. The so-called ‘Civil War’ was not actually fought over slavery; the issue was state’s rights. Even President Abraham Lincoln recognized this. Unlike its depiction in the movies, the average Southern soldier didn’t own a slave, and had no prospect of ever owning one.

A more pertinent issue, too often suppressed by the liberal media involves crime, particularly black-on-black assaults and  murders. Statistics indicate that above 90% of black murder victims are slaughtered by other blacks. That is abominable.

The breakup of black families is another issue seldom faced by political liberals. During much of the previous century, black families were intact. The welfare system has helped to destroy black families.

The latest false flag portrays violence against black victims as basically unimportant, unless the alleged perpetrators are white  or police officers. Cries of racism continually reverberate nationwide. Ignored by the media are the hundreds, perhaps thousands of hate crime hoaxes perpetrated on the American people. The noose found in race car driver Bubba Wallace’s garage is just one example of  the numerous phony reports of hate crimes throughout the land. Jessie Smollett’s racial beating is another example

Defund the police? That’s what radical leftists are supporting nationwide.  If successful, it would lead to a huge spike in crime. In New York City there is an attempt to remove $1 BILLION from the New York City police budget. This follows plans to dismantle the elite street crimes unit, which used undercover officers to find out what was really going on in the streets.

Statistics indicate that more experienced officers have had enough, and are retiring in increased numbers. If the proposed cuts are successful, training of N.Y.C. rookie officers will suffer because of the lack of funding. The city has experienced a notable surge in the levels of crime, with a recently reported surge of 110 shootings in a 9 day period.

Civilization is crumbling, but supporters of New York’s ultra-liberal mayor and city council are wound up in debates on removing monuments that date back to early last century! Of course, we should be realistic and recognize that 100 year old monuments are the salient issue in today’s world. Why should we care about such unimportant issues as crime, drugs and the breakup of the family?



The officer who held his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for an extended period of time certainly deserves to go to prison, and I expect that he will be tried, convicted and sentenced appropriately. Unfortunately, if the officer doesn’t receive the sentence Mr. Floyd’s supporters deem appropriate, we can expect more bloodshed, more looting and more terror in our streets.

The demonstrators insist that police officers should have their records open to public scrutiny. That’s fair enough. Of course, the records of the suspects that confront the police should be open to the public too. George Floyd’s record was suppressed.

A courageous black woman, Candace Owens, revealed that Mr. Floyd, among other offenses, served several years in state prison for terrorizing a person during a home invasion. There were several others involved in robbing that inhabitant. Mr. Floyd, it was reported, held a pistol to a woman’s stomach. This is not the act of a man who deserves sainthood.

Police officers are empowered to use necessary force. Their job is a difficult one.

A wrong decision can result in death or serious injury to an officer. They have only a split second to decide. When was the last time you heard of a community march condemning a cop-killer?

During the recent mayhem, some officers were murdered, some were badly injured (one officer is paralyzed for life from the neck down), and a number of innocent civilians were tragically murdered. Many businesses, including family-owned businesses, were looted and burnt.

It reminded me of one of my parolee’s, who had 4 or 5 bodies to his name. The criminal justice system granted him parole. He later violated his parole on a gun possession charge, following a shootout he had with 2 N.Y.C. police officers.

This week we were again reminded of our need for local police when a 92 year old woman using a walker was PURPOSELY struck by a hoodlum, resulting in her receiving a serious injury. She fell and struck her head on a fire hydrant, and is very fortunate to still be alive. Our liberal news media will make certain this story is quickly buried and forgotten. Even though the perp is only 31, he managed to accumulate 103 prior arrests. The elderly senior citizen is now too afraid to walk her own neighborhood.

What happened to George Floyd was an aberration

If we defund the police we will have anarchy, followed by huge increases in crime, followed (unfortunately) by vigilantism.  Since anarchy is not a viable political system, the turmoil would result in the establishment of a left-wing totalitarian government. This would not happen by accident, but by purposeful design.                If the radicals in the streets, supported by left-wing politicians have their way, many of the people hired for the local police will have bad prior records themselves. This will be because no decent or intelligent person will want to take that job.  This is the fate that awaits us if we remain complacent towards our local police.

This is what the radical activists allied with George Soros are planning. (Soros is a white, pro-communist billionaire who is funding radical anti-police organizations). Reports of police brutality are exaggerated, while the criminal backgrounds of many offenders are being ignored. Drug dealers and violent criminals are being extolled, while the thin blue line is getting thinner.

As one radical activist stated, “The issue is NEVER the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

By David Hammer, New York State Parole Officer (ret.)

Revolution is the tool

“The issue is NEVER the issue. The issue is always the revolution.

” Students for a Democratic Society radical activist “

As I write, the demonstrations over the death of George Floyd are continuing. David Dorn, a 77-year-old police Captain (retired) was murdered during the recent rioting while he was attempting to keep looters and vandals out of his friend’s store. Did his life matter?

There were 3 groups involved in the current nationwide demonstrations: legitimate protesters; gangsters who have robbed, vandalized and looted many businesses (including black businesses); and communist organizers, who  surreptitiously use well-meaning persons for their own purposes. You can’t have demonstrations  without a lot of  planning. Antifa is just one example of a leftist group using these demonstrations for their own ends. They have physically attacked Trump supporters at Trump rallies, for example.

One tactic successfully used by the communists over and over has been ‘pressure from above, pressure from below’. The mobs in the street promoting lawlessness and anarchy are the pressure from below. The pressure from above are  the politicians who use the chaos and disorder as an excuse to declare martial law, or to pass legislation severely restricting individual rights. It’s not surprising that our controlled media doesn’t report these frequently used tactics!

These tactics have proven to be successful many times, and in many places.

One problem with police forces today is that the entrance standards for many departments have been lowered  over the years to make the police forces more ‘inclusive’. Lowering standards frequently has very negative impacts on  the police. Years of mismanagement by liberal administrators leads to huge problems in local law enforcement. Another problem in local law enforcement, seldom discussed, is the impact of violent black-on- black crime. This leads to more deaths of young black men than occurs from police contacts.

Defund the police? You can bet crime will go upwards, and quickly. Nobody wants to live in a constant state of terror.

No police = Anarchy. And anarchy, as a political stage, is just a transition stage to dictatorship.

David  Hammer, N.Y.S. Parole Officer (ret.)

Editor : In order to show the intensity of the situation I have chosen to not block out the raw language used on the sign carried by Peoples Power Assemblies NYC


Burning Down the House

Big Brother

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

Gerry Kirk, a black college student, testified many years ago before a U.S. Congressional committee that not one  demonstration in a hundred was spontaneous. Today, we can see that there was organization behind many of the multi city protests surrounding the George Floyd incident in Milwaukee.

Across the nation, many police officers were injured, and a huge amount of property damage occurred. Police vehicles in several cities were set ablaze, store windows were broken, and numerous thefts occurred.

George Floyd’s death had nothing to do with the rioters stealing United States Postal Service vehicles in Minneapolis; the theft of an automobile from a dealership in Oakland, California; taking TV’s and clothing from a Target, or grabbing Louis Vuitton designer bags from a store in Portland, Oregon. None of these actions had anything to do with the incident that supposedly ignited the riots.

We’re not talking about a contemporary crisis in Afghanistan or elsewhere in the world, where such violence and loss of control might be more understandable. What we’re talking about is taking place now, today, in the U.S.A.

We’re talking about communist revolutionaries in the streets of The United States. They are not honest protestors. They don’t care about George Floyd. They just want to destroy, to burn and loot, not to build something constructive.

There’s wreckage and destruction in the streets of America.

What can we do about this?

  1. We don’t need new laws – enforce the laws we already have. Attempted murder and arson charges should not be dealt with lightly.. Some of the organizers could be charged with incitement to riot.
  2. Write to your Congressional representatives. Tell them to restore Congressional committees that investigate subversion.
  3. We need to find out how these demonstrations are being funded, and who is contributing to these subversives.

Dave Hammer

As the COVID19 spikes turn

One of the most important points (too often ignored by the liberal, mainstream media) is the unconstitutional nature of forcing businesses to close because of a virus. Every year we get the flu, and businesses remain open anyway. We’re adults, so why should we be told that we can’t shop at a small private business while Costco and Wal-Mart remain open? Former President Obama’s Chief of Staff stated that ” ‘we’ [leftists] should never let a crisis go to waste”. We have government (state and local) putting further encroachments on our lives. These encroachments will only get worse when the next crisis occur.

While some advice makes sense (keeping potentially sick persons at a distance, for example), there are scientists and medical professionals who warn that wearing face masks can actually be detrimental to your health. Also ignored by the left-wing press is the horrendous fact, early on, that Gov. Cuomo ordered Corona virus patients into nursing homes, which was, of course, a disaster of epic proportions. A very close friend of mine – 50 years of friendship – died last month in a nursing home in The Bronx.

Nursing Home COVID
Screen shot from April 19 2020 10:53am

We will see if Gov. Cuomo wins reelection after his disgraceful performance. Incidentally, a close family relative just received her absentee ballot. The only problem is that she’s been dead 3 years. The socialists (sometimes called progressives) claim they just want to make voting easier. Actually, their goal is to move our nation towards unconstitutional policies as part of a conspiracy against our country from enemies within.

David Hammer.

The Fog of War Clears

Some points to consider:

  • The latest study conducted by 17 medical researchers, revealed that fatalities from Coronavirus appear to be no worse than the deaths from the seasonal flu, and the death rate may be even lower. Most of the researchers were connected to Stanford University.
  • There are several other reports on what appears to be exaggerations in the death rate connected to the Coronavirus. This is likely being done to
    scare the American people into a pre-programmed response. As the leftists say, never let a crisis go to waste. That includes exaggerating or manufacturing a crisis if need be.
  • Bob Adelmann, writing in The New American website, asks what we used to call the $64,000 question (the most pertinent inquiry): “After the best economy in history, the lowest unemployment in decades…America and Americans being, for the first time in years put first, how is it possible that somebody in a small village in China ate a bat, and we suddenly have a worldwide pandemic that is destroying our economy, with an election coming up?”
  • Couple that with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s purported statement, “in politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way!”
    David Hammer